Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy (Un)Birthday, Mr Strummer

Album scan - Story of the Clash (cassette) signed, "To Carolyn, Joe Strummer" 1998

Joe Strummer (John Graham Mellor, 1952-2002) would have celebrated his 56th birthday today. It seemed prudent to mark the occasion
, so I decided to unearth some of my personal Clash memorabilia from years past.

Initially, I wasn't entirely sure what to do in terms of remarks, however. There's nothing I could possibly say about the man that hasn't been scribed on a hundred other blogs, journals, and music publications over the past three decades. However, as impressive as his legacy was, there was always something even the gawky, wide-eyed (teenaged) me never failed to appreciate: He looked you right in the eye and took his sweet time chatting and signing records.

Al Kapranos
is the only other musician/rock star type I can call to mind who has rivaled Strummer's consistently polite candour, but you know, he was younger and more fresh when we last crossed paths. We'll do another post in 10 years and see if he's still that cheerful, eh?

Album scan - London Calling, The Clash (cd) signed, "To Carolyn, Joe Strummer" 1999

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Centaur Company

I would have named the blog after this, had I but known. Still, we'll stick to the plain old rodeo.