Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Centaur's Nuit Blanche Adventure

Writing a summary of the the evening could be a bit of a bitch, so I've conceded to highlights only, in rough chronological order.

1) Very grumpy friends setting it up in Trinity Bellwoods.
2) A very friendly bartender doing his bartender thing.
3) My friend Ron pretending to piss on the make-shift alley way in the Hart House where we got our drinks.
4) It lit up. My camera really wasn't doin it for me, though.
5) Fiona Smyth show at Spin.
6) A building covered in fluffy pink things.
7) Lots of booze consumed at street level.
8) Alex and I... we're at 5am here in Lower Bay. Oh, so tired.
9) Do sounds evoking ghosts get tired? No sir, they do not
10) Treated finally (and surprisingly) to a 6 person tango as we sat on the big rock at Cumberland St.