Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ms Canadian Roomate 1.0

I'm certain everybody has annoying roommate stories, but I bet you can't top a Nova Scotian Roman Catholic* Winnie the Pooh Fanatic. All of these things can be counted in the "just fine" category on their own, or even together in moderation, but full on, all the time, it's kind of terrifying.

...There were, however, several attempts by yours truly to inject some humour into what very quickly became an extremely uncomfortable living situation.

This involved several small stunts that went generally unnoticed, but once we had an excess of microwaves. I stacked them so they would look pretty (pictured). It was one of my best in-home installations and it was promptly dismantled the next day without anyone uttering a single syllable. (I'll swear that passive aggression is like some sort of epidemic in this town.)

*I only mentioned this because she cooked fish every Friday and never gave me any. I may be a dirty heathen, but I still like nicely cooked atlantic salmon