Monday, July 11, 2011

To What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong? Review in Magenta Magazine

Just reviewed the most recent group show at the Power Plant Gallery in Toronto, To What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong? featuring artists Andrea Carlson, Annie MacDonell, Erin Sheriff, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, and Kevin Schmidt.

"Powerful, desolate, and largely uninhabited, a lot of the landscape remains a question mark to the majority of Canadians and Americans, except in art, photography and film. In images portraying the more remote areas of our Continent, we’re typically subjected to either painting that had its day during the turn of the last century, or shocked by the magnitude of our impact on the environment north of the 60th parallel as seen on Planet Earth or The Nature of Things.

The five artists in the show To What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong - three Canadians and two Americans - take the North American landscape and use it to develop vastly different conceptual pieces. Kevin Schmidt’s ongoing landscape-based video and photography work takes us to a tree trunk painted to look weak, as though it had been hollowed out to serve as a view-finder for the landscape beyond..."
Read the full review here.